Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My very own Knitting-ma-bobber

Let me start this post by saying I cannot knit.

I have had patient friends sit with me for countless hours to teach me how, and I still knit like a two-year-old on a sugar high. Too tight, too crooked, and BACKWARDS.

someone said "You might like a knitting loom!! Those Nifty..." Yeah! but I don't wanna pay for one and then hate it, right?

so I looked at them online and...

THIS was born.
DISCLAIMER: please note that I have never used one of these contraptions before. I have seen them, but functionality flaws may not be obvious to me until I get the hang of this thing.

Started with an empty tobacco can, and removed the bottom:

covered the ends in electrical tape:

I had some thin dowels from the supermegamart from another projet, cut them into 4" pieces and taped off the ends:

suffered a craft inspection, during which the craft was deemed not noms:

glued the dowels on to the can:

mummified the whole thing with electrical tape as in the first pic, and started using it!

Now, there are several things I will do differently next time.
1. pegs stick up too far.
2. better measuring, the pegs are not even
3. maybe smaller/thinner pegs...nails? wire loops?
what do you think?

Part the First Part


Glad you could drop in. I finally decided that I would start posting a blog, which shall be filled with ephemera, bibelots, musings, ideas, recipes, patterns and crafts.
In short, whatevs.